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05/12/2023 - 06/18/2023



This work was born in the isthmus of Tehuantepec (Oaxaca) in southern Mexico, a territory that historically has been the subject of numerous narratives and representations by different travelers, academics and artists. In a complex and patriarchal state such as Mexico, the Isthmus stands out for having built a reputation as a "matriarchal society" over time. Devoting a lot of attention to the women who live in this place, Corazonada is a small attempt to take care of the imagination and desires of these women, the scenarios related to mystery, eroticism, nostalgia and spirituality.



Giulia Gatti was born in Fabriano in 1995, she has always been a dancer and moved to Rome where she collaborated with some dance companies. In 2017 she began her research in the field of photography, studying one year at the new design institute (NID) in Perugia, where she graduated. In 2019 she won the first prize Portfolio sul Po of the Portfolio Italia 2019 circuit. She now continues his journey in South America between Peru, Bolivia, Patagonia and Mexico dedicating herself to projects that embrace dance, photography and writing. In 2020 her project Su mia madre tira vento receives the Pesaresi Prize. In 2023 she is the protagonist of an episode of the Sky Arte series Le Fotografe, dedicated to her work (release September 2023).

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