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national premiere



In ‘Grotto’ Long and stent present a series of surreal snapshots which speaks to the uncanny through nature and femininity. A synthetic cave of their own imagining- forms unfurl, sink and glisten.

The artists use their own bodies, camouflaged, so that what comes through are faceless apparitions of the female form. At times statue-like, at times creaturely, the bodies in ‘grotto’ inhabit a timeless space.

Milk Stone.jpg


For the past 10 years Australian artists Honey Long and Prue Stent have worked together, developing a practice which traverses photography, moving image, performance, installation and sculpture. 

Their long standing friendship is reflected in their process which centres around experimentation, cross-pollination/fertilisation and curiosity. Dreamy, fluid, saccharine, gritty and fleshy, Long and Stent challenge and captivate audiences with powerful imagery that crosses the subversive and the surreal.

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