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Antonio Di Cecco





Antonio Di Cecco is an artist from L'Aquila, born in '78 and represented by the Contrasto Agency.

In 2022 the Italian Cultural Institute of Montreal hosts his personal exhibition, of which Effimero at Spazio GOMMA is an excerpt.

The artist

Antonio Di Cecco was born in 1978 in L'Aquila, where he currently lives and works. He is represented by the Contrasto agency.

He develops projects on the processes of modification of places and on the relationship between human beings, the environment and time, as well as dealing with architectural and landscape photography.

In 2022 his exhibition L'Aquila. The shape of places it was exhibited at the Italian Cultural Institute in Montreal, in 2021 it was among the winners of the Urbanautia Institute Award, since 2018 it has been involved in the Apennine project at the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz - Max Planck Institut.

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The exhibition

To show the splendors of the sky, night falls on the Earth and in a small refuge that other light is turned on, which serves as a support for the eyes in the darkest hours. Far from there, the edges blur and the darkness surprises us. It forces us to recognize our limited capabilities and to go further, we must begin to fluctuate.

We rise freeing ourselves from the most ancient weapon, that need for light as a resource of control and power over the environment. Already in the early hours of dawn, we realize that we are now only clouds. 

We caress the stone and forge new alliances between non-organic lives with it. We savor this little spell, until it breaks: broad daylight illuminates our lost companions, we join them and we are little lives on the ridge of the mountain.

Effimero, [notes on the installation] by Camilla Carè

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