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GOMMA is an adventure under construction: flexible, dynamic and shape-shifting. It comes from the desire to build a platform for the arts capable of enhancing the process and product of emerging and mid-career talents, creating an accessible and sustainable ecosystem for different audiences and new collectors.

GOMMA is an art gallery, but not only / GOMMA is a space for design, but not only. GOMMA curates, exhibits, sells, researches, advises and creates relationships. Invite to explore and celebrate contemporary creativity with both onsite and online initiatives.

The physical space is located in Rome — via Augusto Dulceri 45, in the Pigneto district — in a regenerated former motorcycle shop.

The team

Curated by Camilla Care
with Claudia Pajewski

Digital & Intellectual property: Kiran Prestia
Communication Manager & Press Office: Frances Esposito
Facility manager: Antonia Marano

Advisors (production, curation, communication): 
Aurora Alma Bartiromo,Fanny Borel,Elena Fortunati

Thanks for the support: MeltingPro



We are committed to facilitating the accessibility of our spaces and content, both online and in-house. We're improving, taking action, and dedicating resources to provide an experience for all.



GOMMA is a project realized also thanks to the  POR FSE Lazio 2014-2020 — Impresa Formativa with an economic support of 57,000.00 euro.

The fund promotes experimental actions capable of having a positive impact on the job world, in order to support self-entrepreneurship processes, capable of creating new employment opportunities, with particular reference to the young population.

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