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Alice Hualice

The Gardener




Alice Hualice (Yakshina, 1994) is a multidisciplinary artist who mainly works with photography and textile sculpture, creating surreal characters and symbolic landscapes. 


Alisa Gorshenina (Alice Hualice) was born in a small Ural village in 1994. Since 2000 she lives in Nizhniy Tagil, where she graduated from the Faculty of Art.


She works with different media such as painting, drawing, textile sculpture, video art, animation and digital collage. In her artistic research, Gorshenina interprets various surreal and symbolic characters, into which she transforms herself by creating masks and bodily appendages in fabric, ceramic and metal.


To date she has exhibited in several group and personal exhibitions in different cities: Bordeaux, Ekaterinburg, Kiev, Krasnodar, Los Angeles, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, New York, Perm, Saratov. In 2023 with GOMMA she will exhibit for the first time in Italy.


The exhibition

The Gardner is Alice Hualice's first exhibition in Italy. In this series the artist creates a surreal garden where to find a new relationship with her own nature of emotions, until her heart sprouts. 

The exposition is divided into five parts that correspond to different stages of self-care and transformation.

The Gardner presents three textile sculptures together with different photographic works (twelve digital and seven Polaroid) unpublished.

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